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Our mission is to bring blockchain to a billion people. The Alchemy Platform is a world class developer platform designed to make building on the blockchain easy. We've built leading infrastructure in the space, powering over $105 billion in transactions for tens of millions of users in 99% of countries worldwide.The Alchemy team draws from decades of deep expertise in massively scalable infrastru...

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Our Customer Engineering team works closely with Alchemy's customers to ensure a great user experience to help them maximize the value they get from the platform. You will manage the relationship from the start to ensure a smooth on-boarding experience and set up customers for ongoing success. You will ensure prompt and effective resolution of questions, problems, and requests. You will use your f...

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Alchemy is building out distributed protocols to augment our developer platform. As one of our first smart contract engineers you will be architecting and building those protocols, and setting the bar for highly readable, optimized, and secure code backed by a comprehensive test suite. You'll be responsible for bringing the same level of security, speed, and stability as our existing platform to o...

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Alchemy is a platform that provides a wide range of services and features to enable developers to build decentralized applications on blockchain networks. This company was founded in 2017 by Nikil Vis...

Alchemy News & Headlines

Worldcoin partnered with Alchemy to develop its blockchain World Chain and enhance infrastructure for its World ID and World app.

Alchemy Pay, a cryptocurrency payment gateway, has obtained a Money Transmitter License in Arkansas, joining the ranks of major crypto firms like Coinbase and Block. This license allows Alchemy Pay to offer various financial services, including crypto-to-fiat transactions, in the state. It demonstrates the company's dedication to expanding its global footprint and bridging the gap between traditional fiat and digital crypto economies. This marks an important milestone for Alchemy Pay as it is their first Money Transmitter License within the United States.

Google Cloud has launched a startup program to offer technical and monetary support to early-stage Web3 developers. Partnerships have already been formed with companies such as Solana, Alchemy, and Nansen among others, with 11 blockchain firms involved in the program alongside Google.

Singapore-based payments provider Alchemy Pay has received a $10 million investment from DWF Labs to expand its operations in South Korea, with a valuation of $400 million. This investment marks DWF Labs' eighth investment of $10 million or more in the last six weeks. The move comes as the South Korean government is exploring crypto regulation.

Burger King has partnered with Instpower to offer power bank devices for phone charging at its Paris locations, with the added convenience of accepting cryptocurrency payments via Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay. This innovative move enables Shiba Inu holders to utilize their assets while on-the-go.

Alchemy Pay has been given the green light to conduct money transfers and remittances through its partnership with fintech firm PT Berkah Digital Pembayaran.

Alchemy Overview

Alchemy is a platform designed for developers that enables businesses to create decentralized applications that are both scalable and reliable without the burden of managing blockchain infrastructure in-house. It is presently faster, more dependable, and more scalable than any other comparable solution available, and it is incredibly straightforward to incorporate into existing development projects.

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Alchemy Meta Data

Company Legal Name: Alchemy Insights Inc

HQ Location: 542 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

HQ Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Alexa Global Rank: 40,103

Total Employees: 190

Total $ Raised: 563,900,000

Estimated Annual Revenue: $10M-$50M

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