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Crypto News & Headlines

Kraken Introduces New Crypto Wallet To Compete In The Market

Kraken introduces the first open-sourced wallet by a major exchange, aiming to enhance security and promote user-friendly decentralized finance usage,

Trending on 17th April 2024 06:20 PM

Bitcoin Market Volatility Ahead, Analysts Warn Investors

Popular crypto expert Cold Blooded Shiller predicts a possible 30% decline in Bitcoin due to market volatility. However, other experts like Markus Thi

Trending on 17th April 2024 05:19 PM

Bitcoin's Price Drops From March High Amidst Market Volatility And Regulatory Challenges.

Bitcoin faced a challenging period with a significant decline in price, dropping over 4% in 24 hours and 11.33% in a week. However, positive news like

Trending on 17th April 2024 02:34 PM

Ripple Responds To SEC In Ongoing Legal Battle

Ripple's Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, is actively clarifying misunderstandings and providing transparency on the upcoming court proceedings i

Trending on 17th April 2024 01:50 PM

Telegram Founder Supports Crypto Privacy And Security With Innovative Hardware

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, is exploring the idea of developing crypto-inspired secure communication devices to safeguard privacy in an era wher

Trending on 17th April 2024 01:31 PM