Fund Associate (Technical Research) at Alchemy - May 24

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Fund Associate (Technical Research)

Alchemy Jobs · New York · Client Services & Strategy
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Job Overview

As a Research Engineer, you’ll be focused on performing in-depth technical overviews regarding investments and new products. The role will focus on 3 pillars:

  • Technical Analysis & Investment Research: Conduct rigorous technical analysis and assessments of potential investment opportunities within the web3 ecosystem, providing essential data and insight to inform investment decisions.
  • Product Research & Development: Collaborate with the product development and engineering teams within our portfolio companies to assist in the design and implementation of Alchemy products within their business.
  • Industry Trends & Insights: Produce highly technical, quantitative content about our investments, upcoming trends and new products, and more generalized macro market analysis for the industry.
  • Responsibilities:

    • Technical and Whitepaper Analysis: Conduct in-depth technical assessments of potential investment opportunities and current portfolio companies to assist in investment due diligence.
    • Research Content: Produce in-depth quantitative market research and content that will live and be redistributed through our various content channels.
    • Portfolio Engineering: Assist our portfolio companies in integrating Alchemy products throughout their tech stack, from first principle systems designs perspectives.
    • Open Source Contribution: Contribute to leading open source GitHub repositories, focusing on creating public goods for the greater web3 community.
    • Product Overviews: Provide the rest of the team with technical overviews of emerging products and protocols, down to the cryptography or mathematics behind the product.
    • New Product Development: Help prototype and implement new products for Alchemy based off the synthesis of technical due diligence and research implementation.

    What We're Looking For:

    • 2-4 years as a researcher or engineer within the web3 space.
    • Experience in writing and deploying highly complicated Solidity contracts.
    • Ability to understand highly technical concepts and distill them down to easily understandable content for the rest of the team and our greater audience.
    • Experience in protocol or systems designs for high velocity web3 startups or protocols.
    • Has been following the space closely to understand the relevant narratives and trends that are going to create 80% of the impact within the ecosystem
    • Has lived the founder's life or has a strong understanding of what that’s like
    • Has to be extremely confident paired with a strong technical background that can actively contribute to industry-advancing conversations.
    • Has worked at a startup before or has a passion for helping startups succeed and thrive
    • Major or minor in computer science or mathematics
    • Experience working in a theoretical computer science lab or role.

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    Alchemy Overview

    Alchemy is a platform designed for developers that enables businesses to create decentralized applications that are both scalable and reliable without the burden of managing blockchain infrastructure in-house. It is presently faster, more dependable, and more scalable than any other comparable solution available, and it is incredibly straightforward to incorporate into existing development projects.

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