Art Blocks Jobs - Apr 24

Art Blocks Jobs - Apr 24

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Art Blocks hasn't posted any crypto jobs. This does not mean they do not have open jobs roles available, so please do check their careers page directly or reach out to them via the social medias links listed on this page.

Alternatively, feel free to take a look through the Art Blocks Crypto Job Archive to see they type of jobs they offer.

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Art Blocks, an innovative platform on the Ethereum blockchain, is revolutionizing the art world by merging creativity with technology. This platform harnesses the power of blockchain and smart contrac...

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Summary: NFT Trader, a peer-to-peer trading platform, experienced a major security breach resulting in the unauthorized transfer of valuable NFT assets, including tokens from popular collections like Bored Ape, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, and Art Blocks. This attack, possibly the largest in NFT history, has caused potential losses of millions of dollars, including approximately $3 million worth of stolen tokens.

Art Blocks Overview

Art Blocks stands at the forefront of merging contemporary generative art with cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to breathe life into captivating pieces of algorithmically created artwork that resonate with our era. Serving as a nexus where artists, art enthusiasts, and advanced blockchain technology converge, we create extraordinary art pieces and cultivate unforgettable experiences. Our platform fosters a community where artists can freely express their creativity, and collectors can discover and own unique, generative artwork. Through our commitment to this innovative intersection of art and technology, we're pioneering a new frontier in the realm of artistic expression.

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Art Blocks Meta Data

Company Legal Name: Art Blocks Inc

Year Founded: 2020

HQ Location: Marfa, TX 79843, USA

HQ Timezone: America/Chicago

Alexa US Rank: 45,227

Alexa Global Rank: 126,730

Total Employees: 45

Total $ Raised: 6,000,000

Estimated Annual Revenue: $1M-$10M