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Job Overview

As stewards of the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem, Parity is laying the foundation for a better web which respects the freedom and data of individuals and empowers developers to create better services through decentralised technology. The internet is too important to billions of people for it to be at the mercy of a few powerful companies.

With a remote-first, global team of 340+ people, Parity is building open-source technologies for developers and organisations to implement and build upon. Our Web3 tech stack includes Polkadot, Substrate, and Kusama.

We believe in a decentralised web that respects the freedom and data of individuals and empowers developers to create better services. Our vision is to create a world based on truthful, rather than trustful, interactions. Our mission is to make Polkadot the most active and innovative community in blockchain.

About the team:

We handle security for many different things. This includes security for end users and cyber/ information security policies, as well as aspects that are much less visible to many parts of the company, such as AppSec, DevSecOps and working with other teams on our internal infrastructure.

About the position:

Parity is looking to hire an innovative, dynamic and experienced Senior Security professional who can guide a globally dispersed organisation. As Head/Lead of Physical Security, you will lead the organisation through optimal and inclusive physical security risk management practices for the complex environment in which it operates.

You will report directly to the Chief Information Security Officer and will ensure the company has the right physical security controls in place to reflect current threats. The role holder will provide support and leadership across a wide range of areas including crisis and incident response, safeguarding C level Management and VIP’s, as well as ensuring the protection of physical company assets, confidential documentation and the reputation of the organisation.

To ensure the success as Head/Lead of Physical Security, you will understand the threat landscape facing a business within the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency or similar, and have a proven track record of enabling work in challenging operational contexts. They will continue to lead the organisation towards best practices and further embed and promote a proactive security culture; collaborate with both internal and external security groups; and have experience in crisis management, operational security and training.

Your remit will be spread across guiding Security Strategy, overseeing Operational Security, delivering appropriate Training & Equipment and Managing Relationships across the globally dispersed organisation.

About You:

  • Extensive knowledge of physical security and risk management, ideally in the context of a Blockchain Tech firm or similar with practical experience in high risk and complex operating environments.
  • Exceptional communications and relationship building skills; effective at building trust and confidence. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well under pressure while juggling multiple tasks are required.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse and cross-cultural teams to achieve common objectives; collaborative and team-oriented with an “enabling” mindset.
  • Experienced in developing and implementing global security policies across a matrixed organisation.
  • A high level of resilience and drive, able to be flexible, adapt to change as required, choose a course of action, developing appropriate solutions and/or reaching conclusions. Ability to cope well under pressure and demonstrate excellent judgement.
  • A level of education that when combined with professional experience will demonstrate the capability to lead physical security at Parity. Candidates who have relevant academic degrees or security certifications are encouraged to apply, but this is not a requirement.

About working for us:

  • Competitive remuneration packages based on iterative market research, including tokens (where legally possible)
  • “Future of work” environment that’s remote-first and self-initiating with flexible hours
  • Team mates that are genuinely excited about their impact and projects
  • Access to the brightest minds in this space to learn about Web3 and develop your skills and knowledge while on the job
  • Becoming part of the wider ecosystem (career and networking opportunities)
  • Team and company-wide retreats
  • Work laptop
  • Opportunity to relocate to Germany or Portugal (with visa sponsorship)

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Parity Technologies Overview

Parity’s mission is to enable businesses and organisations to capitalise on blockchain technology and benefit from the new opportunities it presents. We develop cutting-edge software solutions for enterprises and industries to unlock the full value of decentralised technology. We believe that decentralised technology has the power to fundamentally change and enhance the systems used by businesses, consumers, and governments every day.

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