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Job Overview

Note to applicants: we have offices located in Berlin, Lisbon, and London, but Parity has teammates distributed across the EU and beyond. We are a remote-first organization, and for this team, ideally, you’ll be in a timezone within a couple of hours of UTC+0.

As stewards of the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem, Parity is laying the foundation for a better web that respects the freedom and data of individuals and empowers developers to create better services through decentralized technology. The internet is too important to billions of people for it to be at the mercy of a few powerful companies.

Like Polkadot, Parity was built on a foundation of being decentralized and open, which trickles down to how we work. We’re a distributed organization and have been from the beginning. Being distributed isn’t just a way of doing business—it’s a mentality that is at the core of our culture. We have a flat structure that pushes power to the edges and empowers our people to take ownership of their role, authority coupled with responsibilities.

We primarily write our tooling in Rust, with some parts in JavaScript/TypeScript.

Examples of the things that you’ll be helping with:

  • Subxt: https://github.com/paritytech/subxt
  • Jsonrpsee: https://github.com/paritytech/jsonrpsee
  • Substrate-telemetry: https://github.com/paritytech/substrate-telemetry
  • Substrate: https://github.com/paritytech/substrate
  • Polkadot: https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot
  • Your tasks include:

    • Design, build and maintain Rust-based tools/libraries to help internal/external teams build, debug, instrument and manage substrate-based blockchains.
    • Support the entire project lifecycle (concept, design, build, test, release and support).
    • Keep up to date with the blockchain space in general and the Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem in particular. Work with the ecosystem team to ensure we build what people need.
    • Collaborate with the core Substrate team to plan and implement new tools, features and improvements.

    Your Background:

    • A passion for the Rust programming language, its community and values.
    • Experience working with Rust to develop applications and crates in an open source setting.
    • A keen eye to performance, observability and user ergonomics.
    • Ability to work autonomously, be proactive, prioritize, communicate, and function in a distributed team.
    • Passionate about digging into Substrate/Polkadot, and making them accessible to the wider community.


    • Open Source experience.
    • Dev-ops skills and general tooling knowledge.
    • Knowledge in other programming languages than Rust, in particular JavaScript/TypeScript.
    • Public speaking/writing.


    For everyone who joins us:

    • Competitive remuneration packages, including tokens (where legally possible), based on iterative market research
    • Remote-first, global working environment with flexible hours
    • Collaborative, fast-paced, and self-initiating culture, designed to mimic an open source workflow
    • Energising and collaborative team and company retreats all over the world
    • Opportunity to learn more about Web3 while on the job, with access to some of the brightest minds in this space; we have plenty of educational initiatives such as internal sessions, all-hands, AMAs, hackathons, etc.
    • Teammates who are genuinely excited about their job, impact, and Parity’s mission
    • Opportunity to relocate to Germany or Portugal

    For those joining us as employees in Germany, Portugal, or the U.K.:

    • 28 paid vacation days per year
    • Work laptop (macOS or Linux-based) and equipment to enable you to work successfully
    • £2,500 yearly learning and development budget for conferences or courses of your choice

    Not a perfect match to our requirements? We're happy to receive your application anyways and hear how you think you can help us achieve our mission.

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