Trending Topic: Lazarus Group Blamed For Stealing $100 Million In Harmony Bridge Hack

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Hackers used a privacy protocol called RAILGUN to try to conceal their transactions.

The FBI's investigation revealed that both hacking groups exploited the bridge and stole $100 million worth of digital assets.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has blamed North Korean hackers for the attack last year on the cross-chain bridge provider Harmony. The Harmony Horizon bridge was compromised in June 2022, with hackers making off with $100 million worth of crypto.

FBI confirms the involvement of North Korea's Lazarus Group and APT38 in the $100M hack. Is it funding nuclear weapons with stolen funds?

Key Points: The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed on Monday that Lazarus Group and APT38 were behind the Harmony cross-chain bridge attack last June. They stole $100 million worth of virtual currency and laundered it through the RAILGUN Privacy Protocol.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday confirmed that North Korean cybercrime group "Lazarus Group" is responsible for last year's massive $100 million breach of Harmony Protocol. What Happened: According to a press release by FBI, six months after the initial heist, over $60 million worth of stolen Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) was laundered on Jan.

US prosecutors confirmed that Lazarus Group and APT38 were behind a June hack on crypto firm Harmony, which saw $60 billion converted to ethereum.

The $100M Harmony Protocol attack from last June was carried out by the North Korean hacking group Lazarus Group, the FBI stated on January 23.

Theft of crypto and other forms of cyber espionage have been a key source of income for North Korean hackers, whose country of origin is in a chronic financial crisis and is virtually blocked off from the global market. Since 2017, it is estimated that North Korean hackers have stolen cryptocurrencies worth $1.72 billion.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed on January 23 that Lazarus Group was responsible for last year's attack on Harmony's Horizon Protocol.

On Monday, January 23, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published a report confirming that two groups linked to North Korea were responsible for the $100 million hack of the Harmony Bridge last year in June 2022. The notorious Lazarus Group and APT38 outfits were responsible for attacking and stealing from the US-based blockchain specialist.

As widely suspected, the notorious Lazarus Group was behind last June's massive exploit.

The FBI also confirmed earlier reports this month by figures such as ZachXBT that the hackers had started moving a large chunk of the funds around via privacy protocols.

Two hacker groups associated with North Korea, the Lazarus Group and APT38, were responsible for the theft last June of $100 million from U.S. crypto firm Harmony's Horizon bridge, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Monday.

More details about the transfer of funds following Harmony's hack in June have been revealed. 

A portion of the stolen funds were routed through privacy exchange Railgun but were frozen in coordination with virtual asset service providers.

Emerging reports claim that the renowned North Korean hacking team known as the Lazarus Group may have been responsible for the assault that took place on Harmony Bridge in June of 2022. In addition to this, it is alleged that the gang moved the monies across a number of other online services.

Harmony Bridge fell victim to an attack that saw them lose about $100 million. Recent reports show that the notorious North Korean hacker organization Lazarus Group may be involved. on Twitter

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