Call For Urgent Cryptocurrency Regulation In Nigeria To Combat Financial Crimes

Call For Urgent Cryptocurrency Regulation In Nigeria To Combat Financial Crimes

Published Monday 12th February 2024

The rapid rise of cryptocurrency has brought about numerous benefits, including faster and cheaper cross-border transactions, financial inclusion for the unbanked population, and opportunities for investment and innovation. However, along with these benefits comes the increasing risk of financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing. In Nigeria, these risks are amplified by the lack of cryptocurrency regulations, which allow unchecked practices and hinder the ability to combat financial crimes effectively.

Adedeji Owonibi, Co-founder of A&D Forensics, a leading financial crime investigation firm, highlights the urgent need for cryptocurrency regulation in Nigeria. He emphasizes that compliance experts in Nigerian financial institutions must be equipped to address financial crimes associated with digital assets. These experts play a crucial role in ensuring the security and scalability of the cryptocurrency industry in Nigeria, which is currently vulnerable due to the absence of clear guidelines and oversight.

To effectively combat financial crimes in the cryptocurrency space, it is necessary to implement cryptocurrency regulations in Nigeria. These regulations would provide a framework for cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, and other service providers to operate within. By setting clear rules and standards, regulators can enforce compliance and hold businesses accountable for any illicit activities that may occur. This would create a safer and more transparent environment for users and investors, helping to build trust and attract more participants to the industry.

In addition to implementing regulations, requiring banks to vet service providers would also be a critical step towards curbing financial crimes associated with digital assets. Banks have a strong understanding of AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) procedures, making them well-equipped to assess the legitimacy and compliance of cryptocurrency service providers. By conducting thorough due diligence and only partnering with reputable and compliant businesses, banks can help safeguard against financial crimes and protect their customers from potential risks.

It is also essential for Nigerian authorities to collaborate with international agencies and other countries that have already implemented cryptocurrency regulations. Learning from their experiences and best practices can accelerate the development of effective regulations in Nigeria. Collaboration would also enable Nigeria to contribute to the global fight against financial crimes associated with cryptocurrency, as these crimes often transcend borders and require international cooperation for effective prevention and prosecution.

Overall, the lack of cryptocurrency regulations in Nigeria poses significant risks to the financial system and the country's economy. It allows for unchecked practices and leaves users vulnerable to financial crimes. To address these challenges, urgent action is needed to implement comprehensive regulations that provide clear guidelines and oversight for cryptocurrency businesses. By requiring banks to vet service providers and collaborating with international agencies, Nigeria can combat financial crimes associated with digital assets and ensure the security and scalability of the cryptocurrency industry.

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