Trending Topic: Russia Intends To Launch A ‘national Crypto Exchange'

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Russian parliament is working on draft amendment to Digital Financial Assets Law for creation of digital asset trading platform.

A "national crypto exchange in Russia" could see the light of day if the Finance Ministry and the central bank give their "yes."

Russia is planning to create a national cryptocurrency exchange because it believes it is losing out on billions of rubles of tax revenue. The post Russia to Launch State-Run Crypto Exchange in Bid to Boost Tax Revenue appeared first on BeInCrypto.

Despite the critical condition of the crypto market, the adoption rates of the crypto industry is growing on a large

Lawmakers in Russia are drafting legislation that would allow the establishment of a “national cryptocurrency exchange,” local media unveiled. Coins now circulate outside of government oversight and the Russian state is losing budget revenues in the billions of rubles, pointed out one of the participants in these efforts.

Russian lawmakers are working on the creation of a national crypto exchange.

Russian lawmakers are working on a draft amendment bill enabling the country to launch a national crypto exchange, local media Vedomosti reported on November 23. The post Russian lawmakers looking to establish state-backed crypto exchange appeared first on CryptoSlate.

As the cryptocurrency industry expands, authorities and organizations around the world are showing increased interest, with Russia going a step further by announcing the launch of a national crypto trading platform that would place the asset class under government oversight.

Lawmakers in Russia are working on changing legislation to allow a national crypto exchange. Russia is closer to making a complete 180 degree turn in its views on cryptocurrencies.

Russian lawmakers have devised a plan that could see the nation create a state-run crypto exchange.

Local lawmakers are working on amendments to the existing legislation “On digital financial assets” in consultation with market stakeholders. on Twitter

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