OKX Introduces New Marketplace For Bitcoin Ordinals And BRC-20 Trading

OKX Introduces New Marketplace For Bitcoin Ordinals And BRC-20 Trading

Published Tuesday 16th May 2023

OKX, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, has recently launched a new marketplace for trading Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. The new marketplace will be available on the OKX Wallet, a mobile app that allows users to manage their digital assets. The platform aims to provide a seamless experience for users to trade digital assets, while also supporting over 60 blockchain networks by June.

The OKX Wallet will enable users to trade BRC-20 tokens and conduct BTC cross-chain swaps starting this week. Cross-chain swaps allow users to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, without having to rely on a centralized exchange. This feature will provide users with more flexibility and control over their digital assets.

The platform will also support Ordinal inscriptions and token casting starting in June. Ordinal inscriptions refer to the unique identifiers assigned to specific Bitcoin blockchain transactions. The OKX Wallet will allow users to trade Bitcoin Ordinals, which are used to record and track Bitcoin transactions. Token casting, on the other hand, involves creating new tokens on a blockchain network. Users will be able to create and trade BRC-20 tokens on the OKX Wallet.

The launch of the new marketplace is a significant step towards making digital asset trading more accessible and convenient for users. With the support for over 60 blockchain networks, users will have more options to choose from when trading digital assets. The platform's focus on security and user experience will also ensure that users can trade with confidence and ease.

Overall, the new marketplace introduced by OKX is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry. As the industry continues to grow, more platforms and tools will become available to users. OKX's commitment to innovation and user experience sets a high standard for other cryptocurrency exchanges to follow.

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