Arbitrum's ARB Token Gains Listing On Binance And BitMEX

Arbitrum's ARB Token Gains Listing On Binance And BitMEX

Published Tuesday 21st March 2023

Arbitrum's ARB token has recently gained listings on two major cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and BitMEX. This is a significant development for the Arbitrum network, which aims to provide faster and cheaper smart contract transactions on Ethereum. The ARB token is a key component of the network, as it is used to pay for transaction fees and incentivize validators. With the listings on Binance and BitMEX, the ARB token is now more accessible to a wider range of investors and traders.

In addition to the listings, BitMEX has launched USDT-margined Arbitrum (ARB) futures ahead of the anticipated ARB token airdrop scheduled on March 23. This means that traders can now speculate on the future price of ARB before the token is even launched. Meanwhile, Binance has also listed ARB on its platform with an official token claiming for ARB estimated to go live at Ethereum block height of #16890400 around 12:30 UTC. This means that users can now claim their ARB tokens on Binance, which will be distributed based on their Ethereum holdings.

The launch of ARB on Binance and BitMEX has generated a lot of excitement among the cryptocurrency community, with some Twitter users speculating that the token could be valued at a double-digit amount at launch. This is based on the strong interest in the Arbitrum network and the potential benefits it offers over traditional Ethereum transactions. However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and there is no guarantee that the ARB token will maintain a high value in the long term.

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