Trending Topic: Euler Finance Hack Results In $197M Loss, But Hacker Returns Part Of Stolen Funds

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A hacker who recently exploited Euler Finance is attempting to arrange the return of stolen funds, as seen in an on-chain message on March 20.

The attacker has offered to try to "come to an agreement" over the nearly $200 million worth of crypto it swiped last week.

The decentralized finance project was hit for $197 million by a flash loan attack that worked through the North Korean-favored Tornado Cash mixer sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury last year.

Following the devastating Euler Finance DeFi hack, which resulted in a loss of $197 million, crypto-fans tracked the loot on-chain in an effort to uncover the perpetrator. According to Chainalysis, out of the series of transfers made by the hacker, 100 ETH was allegedly sent to an address with known links to North Korea-associated actors.

A hacker who drained $197 million from Euler Finance returned 3,000 ETH ($5.4 million) to the deployer address, following a $1 million reward announcement by Euler Finance. The attacker used a multichain bridge to transfer funds from the BNB Chain to Ethereum and moved the stolen funds into Tornado Cash before returning the funds.

On-chain data shows that Euler Finance hacker has returned 3000 ETH (roughly $5.4 million) to the DeFi project deployer.

The recent Euler Finance exploit is the largest attack in the crypto space in 2023. The incident occurred through a flash loan attack that led to the loss of almost $200 million in crypto assets.

The most significant decentralized finance (DeFi) hack of 2023 so far was the most recent incident that stole $197 million from Euler Finance. This may not last for very long, though, as the hacker allegedly had a change of heart.

The hacker who drained $197 million from Euler Finance in the biggest DeFi hack of 2023 so far reportedly returned around $5.4 million in Ether to the company. The funds were sent in three transactions from the hacker's address to Euler Finance's deployer address, but it remains to be seen if the hacker will return the rest of the stolen funds.

The draining of $200 million from Euler is one of the biggest losses in DeFi for some time. Still, the "money legos" narrative isn't dead.

The hacker who stole $197 million from Ethereum-based noncustodial lending protocol Euler Finance has returned approximately 3,000 Ether worth $5.4 million. The assets were transferred from the hacker's address to Euler Finance's deployer address on 18 March.

Euler Finance exploiter has returned 3,000 ETH worth $5.4m to the DeFi protocol, indicating the platform may have reached a deal with the hacker.

Chances that the hacker will return the entire loot of $197 million remain slim as no more outbound transactions — other than the 3,000 ETH — were recorded at the time of writing.

The exploiter of Euler Finance returned 3,000 ether (ETH) worth about $5.4 million to the DeFi lending protocol on Saturday, according to tweets from on-chain sleuth ZachXBT.

After many efforts to raise support from the community and give rewards to Euler hackers, now 3000 ETH has been returned.

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