Trending Topic: Coinbase Considers Launching Global Trading Platform With Derivatives

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The reported site would be a way for Coinbase to hedge its bets against a coming onslaught of crypto regulation that could prove very unfriendly indeed.

The largest US crypto exchange platform by volume is reportedly developing an overseas trading platform in response to a domestic crackdown on crypto assets.

Coinbase is considering setting up a digital asset exchange outside the United States amid increasing regulatory pressure and a souring banking climate for crypto firms. 

Firms are actively searching for new banking partners as the regulatory climate in the US has now turned sour.

According to a Bloomberg report, Coinbase is exploring the option of setting up a crypto trading platform outside the United States of America as part of an aggressive expansion campaign.  As of now, there is no clarity on where the new entity will be based.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Coinbase has explored the possibility of setting up a cryptocurrency trading platform in a jurisdiction outside United States agencies' regulatory reach. The report suggests that the crypto exchange has discussed this potential move with institutional clients and market makers.

If Coinbase does expand overseas, it would more directly compete with Binance, which generates roughly 10 times more volume than Coinbase per day.

American crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly looking to set up an overseas trading platform that would allow users to trade derivatives.

The leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced plans to expand its services worldwide, driving global adoption and investment.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States may be looking at opening operations elsewhere.

The reported move came amid many U.S. lawmakers and regulators taking aim at crypto firms for their perceived role in the failure of three major banks.

Coinbase is reportedly looking at building a new crypto marketplace outside the United States. The firm has told institutional clients it may establish an alternative marketplace for global clients, Bloomberg reported Friday (March 17), citing unnamed sources.

United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase is considering setting up an offshore exchange due to the recent regulatory clampdown on the crypto industry, Bloomberg reported on March 17.

Coinbase seeks to establish a new crypto trading platform offshore due to tightening scrutiny by the U.S. regulators

U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase is considering setting up a crypto-trading platform overseas and is discussing the move with institutional clients, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the plans.

Coinbase has briefed market-making and trading firms about the plans to roll out the platform in an offshore jurisdiction in a move that will pit it against rival Binance, which dominates the space.

As U.S. regulators press their attack, Coinbase may be establishing an overseas venue for servicing global clients.

Coinbase – the leading American-based crypto exchange – is reportedly planning on setting up a new Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto trading firm overseas. According to a report by Bloomberg, the exchange is moving in this direction in order to attract global clients.

Coinbase Exchange News: US based crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly in talks to introduce a trading platform for its overseas customers. According to latest reports, the exchange approached its institutional clients about the prospects of bringing in a new platform.

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