Trending Topic: Solana's Orca Exchange To Block US Traders Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

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The top decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Solana (SOL) plans to restrict Americans from trading on its platform at the end of the month. Orca (ORCA) announced the new restriction on its website this week, however, it did not provide a reason for the change in policy.

The leading decentralized exchange on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, Orca, will prohibit users from the United States from trading coins on its front-end website effective March 31.

From March 31, Orca, the main decentralized exchange on Solana, will ban transactions to American customers.

Today's crypto news includes the end of a partnership and reduced access to an exchange. Global custody bank State Street and crypto custody firm Copper have ended their licensing agreement, CoinDesk reported Thursday (March 16).

The company said U.S. traders would still be able to make swaps by directly interacting with Orca's smart contracts, however.

The top decentralized exchange on Solana will restrict U.S. trading activity from beginning on March 31.

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