Trending Topic: AllianceBlock And ABO Digital Partner To Provide Alternative Financing For Crypto Projects

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In a recent announcement, AllianceBlock has made it known that it has struck a new partnership with ABO Digital.

AllianceBlock, which is developing decentralized and trustless gateways between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi), has now announced a partnership with Alpha Blue Ocean's private digital asset investment arm, ABO Digital, to provide tokenized structured products to institutional investors and crypto projects and organizations looking for alternative funding.

Source: Depositphotos DeFi infrastructure provider AllianceBlock is changing the dynamics for crypto startups seeking funding through a unique partnership with ABO Digital, the digital asset investment arm of Alpha Blue Ocean. The collaboration will enable crypto projects to seek alternative funding by issuing fully-compliant tokenized structured products to their financial backers.

AllianceBlock, the company that seeks to bridge TradFi and DeFi through next generation decentralized infrastructure, has partnered with ABO Digital, the digital asset investment arm of ABO group. The strategic partnership will allow AllianceBlock to offer tokenized financial products to institutions and crypto projects.

The duo will offer traditional finance investors a lower risk, compliant way to back crypto projects.

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