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Parity’s mission is to provide open source infrastructure to build a better future internet, aka Web 3.0. Blockchains are a key component in this future Web 3 stack and Parity is a leader in the blockchain space. It is the creator of two ambitious new blockchain projects, Polkadot and Substrate, that makes it easier to experiment and innovate with new ideas for sharding, encryption and governanc...

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The team at Parity builds core infrastructure to power a better internet. We do this by innovating in and fostering the open source ecosystem surrounding blockchain development, also known as Web 3.0.Parity Technologies is a team of the world’s premiere blockchain developers building industry-leading technologies that enable developers to create the next wave of better products and ser...

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Parity is one of the world's most experienced core blockchain infrastructure companies, having built and pioneered some of the most advanced technologies in the blockchain sector. Parity was founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum, the primary engineer behind the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), inventor of the Solidity programming language, and primary author of the Ethere...

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Keyrock is expanding!Keyrock was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown from 3 to over 100 people today. As an industry recognized liquidity provider and market maker, Keyrock is a leading European creator of algorithmic trading technologies in the digital asset space. With VC backing including Series B investment from Ripple, a constantly expanding global client base, and revenues growth 13x in 20...

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The Junior Recruiter will be responsible for coordinating, sourcing and assisting us in recruiting top talent for Keyrock. They will work closely with hiring managers to understand the specific needs of each role, create job postings, and identify potential candidates through various recruiting channels. They will also schedule and conduct initial interviews, perform reference checks, and assist w...

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