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OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Applications for NFTs include collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and many other items backed by a blockchain. OpenSea is an open, inclusive web3 platform, where individuals can come to explore NFTs and connect with each other to purchase and sell NFTs. At OpenSea, we're excited about building a platf...

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OpenSea Overview

At OpenSea, we're excited about a brand new type of digital good called a non-fungible token, or NFT. NFTs have exciting new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, tradeable, and usable across multiple applications. Just like physical goods, you can do whatever you want with them! You could throw them in the trash, gift them to a friend across the world, or go sell them on an open marketplace. But unlike physical goods, they're armed with all the programmability of digital goods.

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OpenSea Meta Data

Year Founded: 2017

HQ Location: SoHo, New York, NY, USA

HQ Timezone: America/New_York

Alexa US Rank: 316

Alexa Global Rank: 322

Total Employees: 270

Total $ Raised: 427,200,000

Estimated Annual Revenue: $10M-$50M

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