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MoonPay is a global team imagining and building the products and culture of tomorrow.We’re driven by our deep belief that blockchain technology will become the status quo, so we commit all our talent to creating the best web3 experiences for everyone, everywhere.We rely on our open and inclusive culture to foster speed, innovation and responsibility. Our diverse team is an ongoing inspiration fo...

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MoonPay is a fintech company founded in 2019 with its headquarters in London, UK. The company offers end-to-end solutions for Web3 payments, enterprise-scale smart contract development, and digital as...

MoonPay News & Headlines

Trust Wallet has partnered with Ramp and MoonPay to offer a new feature that allows users to easily convert crypto to fiat within the app, without the need for centralized exchanges or transferring funds to other wallets. Additionally, users who own 100+ Trust Wallet Tokens are eligible for discounts on off-ramp fees.

MetaMask and MoonPay have partnered to provide Nigerian crypto investors with accessible direct on-ramps, allowing them to buy cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets via bank transfers. Despite the CBN's crypto transaction ban, Nigeria is still a significant market for cryptocurrencies.

A non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called Magic Eden has teamed up with Web3 payment service MoonPay to offer new ways to pay for digital goods. According to a press release, customers of Magic Eden can buy NFTs from different chains using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

In order to bridge the gap between conventional and decentralized currencies, Uniswap developers have partnered with MoonPay. According to the companies, Uniswap users can now buy digital assets with their bank accounts or supported credit or debit cards.

MoonPay Overview

MoonPay is a pioneering force in the digital landscape, driven by a vision to democratize digital ownership. Our team comprises forward-thinking architects, inventors, artists, and innovators dedicated to unlocking the potential of Web3. By enabling individuals to take ownership and control of their digital identity, data, property, and currency, we are empowering a new era of digital ownership for all. As the world's leading Web3 infrastructure company, MoonPay provides comprehensive solutions for payments, smart contract development at scale, and digital asset management. Our clients include some of the world's most recognizable brands, who rely on MoonPay to actualize their Web3 objectives and ambitions.

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MoonPay Meta Data

Company Legal Name: MoonPay USA LLC

Year Founded: 2018

HQ Location: Athlumney, Co. Meath, Ireland

HQ Timezone: Europe/Dublin

Alexa US Rank: 17,396

Alexa Global Rank: 21,682

Total Employees: 360

Total $ Raised: 1,042,000,000

Estimated Annual Revenue: $50M-$100M

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