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The HR Systems team is responsible for owning and managing various HR SaaS applications and integrations, with a strong focus around Workday, supporting multiple business functions within the global HR department at Kraken. This team works closely with our stakeholders across HR, Performance, Compensation, Benefits, etc. to provide technology solutions and services to enable them for success in ca...

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We are currently seeking an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join our growing Engineering team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining both our Web and Mobile user interfaces using React and React Native, respectively. Your expertise in building scalable and high-performance applications will directly contribute to the success of our platform.The opportunityDes...

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Our global Compliance team is redefining how compliance should be done - we challenge the norms and practices of the incumbent industry participants to identify ways to make Compliance at Kraken a competitive advantage. Our teams navigate the regulatory uncertainty and changing policy positions of global regulators and governments to help chart a path that ensures Kraken is successful in a truly d...

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Join the Trading Technologies team and start building the internet of money by supporting the Sr Director of Engineering - Trading. The Trading Technology team is responsible for everything to do with the trading backend services such as the matching engine, market data gateways, internal and external APIs, and various other trading services. The Senior Quantitative Software Engineer will be a key...

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We are looking for a Manager, Compliance Data & Reporting to join our Compliance Technology team. You will own end-to-end the Compliance data management and reporting processes, and will play a key role in developing enhancements, performing QC checks and driving consistency and accuracy across all the reports/dashboards delivered by the Compliance Technology team.The ideal candidate will have...

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The Kraken Treasury Manager is a highly visible role requiring dynamic interactions across the entire finance organization, global settlements, product, and business development teams. Through experienced management skill and a data driven approach this candidate will lead team in facilitating the firm’s liquidity, cash management, and treasury operations needs.The Opportunity:Manage a team of 3...

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Join our Core Backend Engineering team and have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing transformation of the digital assets industry at Kraken. Our team plays a crucial role in developing the backend that supports the exchange. As a member of the Core Backend Engineering team, you will have the chance to collaborate with highly skilled Rust Engineers from around the world. We are enthusiasti...

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The Fraud Team at Kraken is focused on ensuring the funds that our customers deposit are not fraudulent. The product role is responsible for ensuring our deposit products are secured with state of the fraud detection tools and our fraud ops team has the tools they need to complete a fraud review quickly and accurately. The product role is responsible for developing and executing on a fraud roadmap...

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Join our Trading Technology team and start building the internet of money.The Trading Technology team is responsible for everything to do with the trading backend services such as the matching engine, market data gateways, internal and external APIs, and various other trading services. The team is located globally and responsibilities are split into sub-teams, working with various tech stacks. Our...

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Join our Platform Accounting Team and become an integral part of a Company operating on the forefront of the crypto industry. The Platform Accounting team is responsible for financial accounting and reporting on a variety of products and transactions including fiat, digital assets, futures, margin, and other new company initiatives. We are also passionate about the widespread adoption of cryptocur...

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Blog posts about Kraken

Today, we're turning the spotlight onto one of the biggest players in the crypto world - Kraken. Founded in 2011 by Jesse Powell and headquartered in the technology hub of San Francisco, Kraken has sw...

Kraken News & Headlines

Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange, has achieved regulatory approvals and licenses in Spain and Ireland, further expanding its presence in Europe. These achievements demonstrate Kraken's commitment to complying with regional policies and regulations.

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, is now offering support for euro and pound deposits via PayPal for users in the UK and Europe (excluding Hungary and Croatia). This new funding option is currently available on the Kraken mobile app. Additionally, Kraken is expanding its services in derivatives trading, aiming to fill the void left by the collapse of FTX last year. These developments are seen as positive for Kraken and its customers in the crypto industry.

Kraken co-founder, Jesse Powell, has expressed doubts about the revival plans for FTX 2.0, citing various concerns. This skepticism has caused divisions within the crypto community regarding the future of the bankrupt exchange.

Craig Wright maintains that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, and asserts ownership of multiple cryptocurrencies.

The FBI conducted a search at the Los Angeles home of Jesse Powell, the founder of crypto exchange Kraken, as part of an investigation into allegations of hacking and cyberstalking a nonprofit group. Powell's lawyer insists that he has not committed any wrongdoing and that the issue does not pertain to his involvement in the crypto industry.

A federal court has mandated Kraken, a crypto exchange, to share user account and transaction information with the IRS. The IRS aims to investigate tax underreporting by Kraken's users.

Kraken, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has launched its NFT marketplace, providing access to over 250 unique NFT collections on the Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon blockchains. The Kraken NFT platform is no longer in beta and has officially been released.

Kraken, the crypto exchange, is investigating an issue with various crypto funding gateways, including BTC, ETH, and ERC20s. This has caused delays in deposits and withdrawals for its users.

Ethereum co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke has reportedly transferred 22,000 ETH worth over $41 million to Kraken exchange, a few weeks after Ethereum Foundation and co-founder Vitalik Buterin sold millions, leading to speculation of a possible price crash.

The UK Treasury Committee has recommended digital assets, like Bitcoin and Ether, are regulated like gambling due to their risk of fluctuation and causing investors to lose all their capital. However, the crypto industry stakeholders, like CryptoUK and Kraken, fiercely disagreed and are urging the authorities to look beyond volatility and acknowledge the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Kraken Overview

Kraken, a dependable and safe platform for trading digital assets, is committed to driving the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency, thereby empowering you and everyone else globally to attain economic independence and inclusivity.

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Kraken Meta Data

Company Legal Name: Payward Brokers Pte Ltd

Year Founded: 2011

HQ Location: Level 42, Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038988

HQ Timezone: Asia/Singapore

Alexa US Rank: 3,903

Alexa Global Rank: 4,670

Total Employees: 590

Total $ Raised: 111,500,000

Estimated Annual Revenue: $50M-$100M

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