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Policy Lead, MENA

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This job post has now expired. Please see the other Chainalysis jobs available.
Job Overview

Blockchain technology is powering a growing wave of innovation. Businesses and governments around the world are using blockchains to make banking more efficient, connect with their customers, and investigate criminal cases. As adoption of blockchain technology grows, more and more organizations seek access to all this ecosystem has to offer. That’s where Chainalysis comes in. We provide complete knowledge of what’s happening on blockchains through our data, services, and solutions. With Chainalysis, organizations can navigate blockchains safely and with confidence.

The Policy and Regulatory Affairs team at Chainalysis advises both internal and external stakeholders on the forefront of digital assets and its constantly evolving landscape. Our job is to ensure the company continues its rapid growth by employing sound and efficient legislative and regulatory analysis to support operations at the company, working with public and private sector clients to understand the policy environment and comparative approaches, influencing government agencies and lawmakers, and shaping a groundbreaking industry as it matures and becomes more widely adopted.

The Middle East & Africa (ME&A) Policy Manager knows policy and regulation related to emerging financial technologies like the back of their hand and is already an expert on regulations like the FATF standard for AML/CFT, market integrity and financial consumer protection rules. They'll be an advocate and educator for Chainalysis and the digital asset market as a whole. They have the ability, standing and network to lead the policy function across the region, representing Chainalysis, contributing to policy and regulatory debates, and supporting engagement with public sector stakeholders in particular.

In their role they'll work with the VP of Public Policy to set the strategy for Chainalysis’ policy priorities in the ME&A market, and lead the execution of the strategy across public sector and industry stakeholders with a focus on our major markets in region. They have the ability, standing and network to lead the policy function across the region, representing Chainalysis in public events and in the media, contributing to policy and regulatory debates, and supporting engagement with public sector stakeholders in particular. They will ensure that senior leadership is well briefed for all key meetings and appearances with a policy element. They will build relationships and alliances across the industry with key stakeholders, and internally, they will work closely with policy colleagues, as well as the communications, marketing and research teams to grow impact and ensure alignment. They form part of the global Policy team, reporting to the VP of Public Policy.

We measure success by how well your analysis, advisory, education and advocacy activities mitigate risks and enable growth for the company and a digital economy.

In one year you’ll know you were successful if you’ve…

  • Worked with leadership to develop a strategy on policy and regulatory matters for the ME&A market that will grow Chainalysis’ thought leadership and market presence, engage with influential stakeholders, and support the growth of our business.
  • Grown an excellent reputation for Chainalysis amongst industry and government stakeholders.
  • Become an expert on existing and developing laws, regulations and enforcement actions affecting the digital asset sector, alerting management to trends and emerging risks.
  • Influenced emerging and strategic issues in legislative, regulatory, and industry venues which impact Chainalysis and the digital asset industry through various means including development of positions, constructive solutions and building industry coalitions including through participation in professional groups, industry associations, and committees.
  • Partnered with Go-to-market and marketing teams in line with overall ME&A business strategy, providing policy support to achieve business objectives, in particular with regard to public sector clients, as well as to explore new areas of need.
  • Managed incoming inquiries on policy issues, in conjunction with the Communications team as appropriate, on behalf of Chainalysis and supported the development and dissemination of positions to advance Chainalysis’ objectives, including comments on regulations, policy-related talking points and messages.
  • Worked closely with the other members of the Public Policy team, as well as with the Communications and Research teams to define positions and strategy on policy and regulatory issues to both support the business and promote the mission of our customers.
  • Maintained a positive working relationship with colleagues across the company.
  • Represented Chainalysis through industry and public sector engagement at working groups, panels and events to establish Chainalysis as a high-value and trusted partner.

A background like this helps:

  • A Master's Degree in Public Policy or International Affairs is very helpful, but not required.
  • Professional experience related to regulation, public policy, financial crimes, cybercrimes, tax, traditional financial services, financial consumer protection or other relevant topics related to the Chainalysis business.
  • An understanding of and interest in digital assets.
  • Gravitas and the ability to quickly establish trust and confidence with high-profile government leaders as an advisor and counselor.
  • A proven track record of supporting and executing successful regulatory and government affairs initiatives to achieve enterprise-wide results; proven experience building partnerships and strategic alliances between public and private entities.

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Chainalysis provides global law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses with cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to help them collaborate and combat illegal cryptocurrency activities. With the support of prominent venture capital firms such as Benchmark, Chainalysis creates confidence in blockchains.

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