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Our mission is to bring blockchain to a billion people. The Alchemy Platform is a world class developer platform designed to make building on the blockchain easy. We've built leading infrastructure in the space, powering over $105 billion in transactions for tens of millions of users in 99% of countries worldwide.

The Alchemy team draws from decades of deep expertise in massively scalable infrastructure, AI, and blockchain from leadership roles at leading companies and universities like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stanford, and MIT.
Alchemy recently raised a Series C1 at a $10.2B valuation led by Lightspeed and Silver Lake. Previously, Alchemy raised from a16z, Coatue, Addition, Stanford University, Coinbase, the Chairman of Google, Charles Schwab, and the founders and executives of leading organizations.
Alchemy powers the top blockchain companies globally and has been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Bloomberg, and elsewhere.

As a Fund Associate focused on Portfolio Development, you'll be responsible for helping our portfolio companies develop their businesses. The role will focus on 3 pillars:

  • You will build and maintain long-term relationships with early-stage founders within our existing portfolio.
  • Serve and provide strategic guidance to our portfolio companies via 1:1 sessions and workshops.
  • Create value-add programs and initiatives with our partnered VC funds, Alchemy product, and Alchemy customers to benefit our portfolio companies.
  • Responsibilities:

    • Founder advisor: Work closely with portfolio companies to identify opportunities for growth and develop strategies to achieve their goals
    • Create value: Collaborate with investment partners and other stakeholders to provide support and resources to portfolio companies
    • Understand Narratives: Conduct market research to identify trends and opportunities within the web3 space
    • Deep relationships: Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the web3 ecosystem
    • Optimize workflows: Create internal tools for managing relationships, investments, and projects across all external touchpoints
    • Deep analysis: Assist in the evaluation of new investment opportunities and provide input on potential portfolio companies
    • 2-way champion: Provide portfolio companies with up-to-date information about Alchemy’s product offerings and relevant perks/benefits for portfolio companies.

    What We're Looking For:

    • 2-4 years experience in portfolio development at a tier 1 venture capital or corporate fund
    • Strong existing network of founders or contacts that are actively building in the web3 space
    • Ability to think creatively and solve unique problems for founders within our portfolio, this includes building products for them
    • Has been following the space closely to understand the relevant narratives and trends that are going to create 80% of the impact within the ecosystem
    • Has lived the founder's life or has a strong understanding of what that’s like
    • Someone who is constantly continuously trying to automate manual tasks and can create documents that are extremely organized and detailed oriented so they can scale
    • Has to be extremely confident paired with a strong analytical horsepower that can explain and teach complex web3 topics
    • Has worked at a startup before or has a passion for helping startups succeed and thrive
    • Major or minor in computer science

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    Alchemy Overview

    Alchemy is a platform designed for developers that enables businesses to create decentralized applications that are both scalable and reliable without the burden of managing blockchain infrastructure in-house. It is presently faster, more dependable, and more scalable than any other comparable solution available, and it is incredibly straightforward to incorporate into existing development projects.

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