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People and Operations Assistant

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This job post has now expired. Please see the other Clearmatics jobs available.
Job Overview

Clearmatics is an IT and financial protocol engineering company. We are building a new financial market architecture that is more open, fair, and resilient than the legacy systems that are in use today. We develop protocols and software that create new markets for risk and more efficient infrastructure for trading, backed by a robust and scalable blockchain network, and secured with modern cryptographic techniques and economic mechanism design.

Clearmatics is based in London but operates on a 'remote first' model. We welcome candidates from all over the world. We have close ties to the Open Source and Ethereum communities, with Vitalik Buterin as an adviser.

The Operations team at Clearmatics work to ensure that everyone in the business has the right environment and resources they need to work efficiently, effectively and enjoy what they do. Essentially… We keep the lights on! Finance, HR, recruitment, administration and event planning are just some of the key areas we cover. Working in a start-up environment with an international team means there is always something new happening and an exciting challenge around the corner.

We're looking to hire a People Operations Assistant to expand our Operations team. Although this role is predominantly remote, the successful candidate will need to be based within commuting distance of our London office for special ad-hoc projects or occasional tasks that require physical presence.

This role is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on with all aspects of Operations, and in particular People Operations and HR.

Salary: £24,000 - £28,000 PA, depending on experience

Job description

You will work with the Head of People to support the smooth running of key business and people operations in the areas of Finance, HR, Recruitment, Business Systems Administration, Social Events and occasional Office and Asset Management

The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, be proactive and not afraid to get their hands dirty, have an eye for detail, and an interest in Blockchain.


  • You will help manage our full employee life-cycle, including recruitment, onboarding, internal operations and employee experience,
  • Support the talent attraction and selection process, posting roles, organising candidate interviews and conducting screening calls with candidates.
  • Invoices administration using our accounting software, Xero and working with our external accountants with reconciliations.
  • General administrative support such as venue booking, travel booking, agenda planning and business systems administration.
  • Track and manage the company's hardware assets and other property, including laptops
  • Provide support for all operational matters, ensuring processes run as smoothly as possible.


  • Excellent fluency in English (written and spoken).
  • Outstanding people skills
  • 1-year + of experience in a similar assistant/operational role
  • 1-year + of experience in a recruitment or sales role.
  • A pro-active ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Exceptional organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Inherent interest and motivation to find better solutions, efficient shortcuts and pragmatic approaches, whilst balancing those with commitment to excellence, and consistent and reliably high quality outcomes and outputs
  • An interest in Blockchain or emerging technologies
  • The right to work in the UK.

Nice to have:

  • Experience of financial administration
  • Experience working in a start-up environment
  • Experience supporting a team day-to-day.
  • Experience working in tech recruitment


1: Innovation and Impact: We Nurture

We channel our love of technology to enable everyone to trade anything, with anyone, without permission.

People are our greatest asset to achieve this, so we nurture our innovators and hold space for innovation to thrive through collaboration with colleagues, and the community.

We celebrate successful innovation, even from our competitors.

2: Learning and Development: We Grow

We are intrinsically interested in re-imagining our domain and solving its problems.

We are each teachers and students who enjoy sharing knowledge with each other.

We are curious, learn beyond the requirements of our respective roles and continuously learn about our tools and methodologies.

3: Truth Seeking and Focus: We Think Critically

Our thinking is focused on outcomes and optimal ways to achieve them.

We base decisions on facts, value data over opinions and are not afraid to change course upon discovery of new information.

We value diversity of people and perspectives and make an active effort to understand them all; but once a decision is made, we set aside our differences and rally behind it.

4: Honesty, Humility and Courage: We Communicate

We communicate honestly, clearly and concisely, seeking and providing context, so we can reason over a shared mental model, within and across teams.

We actively listen, value humility and have the courage to ask for help.

We communicate without hierarchy, directly address each other about problems in our collaboration and challenge behaviour that doesn't match our values.

5: Measuring Outcomes and Risk: We Build

We focus on advancing our mission through measurable outcomes, rather than producing mere outputs.

We build as fast as we can, whilst identifying and managing risk, and we step up to take the lead whenever necessary to achieve this.

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Clearmatics Overview

Our mission is to build peer-to-peer infrastructure for a machine-driven future. Founded in 2015, Clearmatics is a remote-first blockchain company with a London base. We build member-owned and governed decentralised network platforms for the p2p exchange of tokenized value between network members. Our ethos and architecture is grounded in protocol, p2p architecture, removing friction and market inefficiencies, strong security guarantees and interoperable exchange across platforms to build a p2p ecosystem for market infrastructure. Our founder and CEO Robert Sams was a pioneer of decentralised stablecoins with his 2014 paper on Seigniorage Shares, as well the concept of ‘smart derivatives’. We are also incredibly privileged to have Vitalik Buterin on our team as an advisor. We have good ties to the Open Source / Ethereum community, and work closely with the Ethereum Foundation as an EEA Member.

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