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Trading Compliance, Program Lead

Anchorage Digital Jobs / US - Remote / Compliance
This job post has now expired. Please see the other Anchorage Digital jobs available.
Job Overview

As the Trading Compliance, Program Lead will lead the compliance program for the Trading business at Anchorage Digital and will serve as the CCO for current and future regulated entities. In this leadership role, you will help support new business activity across multiple regulated entities, and you will be at the forefront of regulated crypto activity in the industry, including interaction with regulators. With a mix of traditional finance and crypto expertise, you will lead a high performing team that helps support a variety of key functions within Compliance.

As the Trading Compliance, Program Lead, you will:

  • Lead a team of compliance professionals dedicated to the trading business at Anchorage Digital
  • Perform the CCO role for the NFA IB and other regulated entities (as they are approved)
  • Lead regulatory interactions
  • Build out the compliance program and drive the creation of new policies, procedures and controls
  • Drive the advancement and execute on key strategic initiatives for compliance, partnering closely with internal stakeholders
  • Provide thought leadership to other internal stakeholders on how to identify, measure and control risk
  • Manage a team that is responsible for a wider variety of key functions including advisory guidance, testing, market surveillance, employee registrations, and marketing materials reviews

You may be a fit for this role if you have:

  • Experience building out a Compliance program and experience dealing with regulators
  • Securities, futures, and derivatives market experience with the ability to provide thought leadership
  • Experience working in a fast paced environment and a focus on delivering
  • Have the Series 24 license
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Experience in crypto or a keen interest and willingness to learn

Although not a requirement, bonus points if:

  • You have prior experience in the crypto industry
  • You hold the Series 3 license
  • You were emotionally moved by the soundtrack to Hamilton, which chronicles the founding of a new financial system. :)

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Anchorage Digital Overview

Anchorage Digital is a regulated crypto platform that provides institutions with integrated financial services and infrastructure solutions. With the first federally chartered crypto bank in the US, Anchorage Digital offers institutions an unparalleled combination of secure custody, regulatory compliance, product breadth, and client service.

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